Baby Naming

Baby Naming

A Baby Naming Ceremony is an increasingly popular ceremony to mark the birth of your child and, a marvellous occasion to bring family and friends together to celebrate the birth and naming of your beloved child.

What is a Baby Naming Ceremony?

Civil Baby Naming Ceremonies are an exciting way to welcome a baby into the world and can take place in your family home or any suitable venue such as a hotel. These unique celebrations mark the birth and naming of your child in a wonderful way.

Neil will design a celebration to fit your beliefs and values and help you choose the music, words and moments to mark this special day. During the ceremony adult friends and relations will be invited to declare their intentions to be supportive adults who will help the child grow and develop over the forthcoming years.

The uniqueness of Baby Naming Ceremonies

Naming ceremonies cross all religious and national boundaries. The tradition of embracing a new life as part of the community began in ancient times. The gift of new life is just one of many significant milestones in life that we like to celebrate and the arrival of a new baby and the gift of new life is one such time.

Civil Baby Naming Ceremonies are growing in popularity because, they can be held in any location that is special to you, such as a hotel, a garden or even in your own home. These events are extra special because Bespoke Civil Ceremonies can tailor make the ceremony according to your beliefs and wishes.