During bereavement, it is comforting to have experienced and qualified people to help you through the funeral process. Our Celebrant offers personalised, compassionate and dignified funeral services and, will ensure this final act of love, will help you express your affections and final farewells.

Bespoke Civil Ceremonies will make sure that all the special moments in your loved one’s life are captured and cherished on the day of the funeral.

Who are these ceremonies for?

In essence, Civil Funeral Ceremonies are for:

  • families who wished to be involved in the funeral service of their loved one
  • families who wish to non religious, semi religious or funeral ceremonies that are totally tailored made
  • families who may wish to be involved in the actual funeral service
  • families who wish to give the very best for their loved one who has died

Creating a civil funeral ceremony

A home visit will be made where the nature and content of your Civil Funeral Ceremony will be discussed and created in accordance with your family’s wishes, values and beliefs. Neil will offer you suggested readings, poetry, music, reflections etc to choose from, although families may offer their own suggested material for the funeral service. For example, you may have a favourite piece of music or poetry or a ‘show and tell’ item that had special meaning and significance to family.

During the ceremony, the Funeral Celebrant will deliver a eulogy reflecting the individual’s personal stories, memories, loves etc. However, if a friend or member of the family wishes to deliver the eulogy and say a few words, this can be accommodated. Help will be offered in writing these words. Bespoke Civil Ceremonies will ensure that a Funeral Ceremony is created to meet your wishes and desires. A Civil Funeral is special because it allows the family to get involved as much or as little as they want and to even be creative.