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Bespoke Civil Ceremonies provide Civil Funeral Ceremonies, Baby Naming Ceremonies, Marriage Ceremonies and Renewal of Marriage Vow Ceremonies designed and created to meet your families needs, wishes and beliefs.

Bespoke Civil Ceremonies also provide the best Celebrant Training in Scotland.

Civil Funerals

In a Civil Funeral the focus is very much on celebrating the life of your loved one who has died and, providing you with the type of funeral service that you want. We call it a ‘bespoke’ service because we tailor make the ceremony to your exact needs and wants.

Neil Dorward is one of the most experienced and longest serving Funeral Celebrants in the UK and is the only person in the UK to have been awarded a Diploma in Funeral Celebrancy with High Distinction. He has a reputation that is second to none and he will help you create the most meaningful and dignified funeral service befitting your loved one who has died.

We will ensure you have the funeral that you want . Therefore you can combine hymns and prayers with favourite poetry and CD music. Neil will help you create the most meaningful and dignified funeral service that is a true reflection of your loved one who has died because he is a skilled listener and a professional public speaker.  Neil is an award winning public speaker and was the president of the PSA Professional Speaking Association in Scotland for over four years.

One of the unique and personalised aspects of a civil funeral conducted by Bespoke Civil Ceremonies is that we keep you constantly invloved in the creation of the service. Through the use of email, a draft version of the entire service – including the eulogy/tribute- will be sent to you normally within 24 hours of our initial meeting. This means that you can change and personalise the funeral in any way you see fit and can even make changes right up until the night before the service. Now YOU decide the words and the general tone of the funeral celebration.


Baby Naming

A Baby Naming Ceremony is an increasingly popular ceremony to mark the birth of your child and, a marvellous occasion to bring family and friends together to celebrate the birth and naming of your beloved child.

What is a Baby Naming Ceremony?

Civil Baby Naming Ceremonies are an exciting way to welcome a baby into the world and can take place in your family home or any suitable venue such as a hotel. These unique celebrations mark the birth and naming of your child in a wonderful way.

Neil will design a celebration to fit your beliefs and values and help you choose the music, words and moments to mark this special day. During the ceremony adult friends and relations will be invited to declare their intentions to be supportive adults who will help the child grow and develop over the forthcoming years.


Marriages and Renewal of Vows Ceremonies

Congratulations and well done – You have made a wonderful decision to have a tailor made wedding ceremony or ceremony to renew your wedding vows to each other. We hope you enjoy the process of creating your unique ceremony with us.

Marriage Ceremonies

If you choose to use an Independent Celebrant to conduct your Wedding Ceremony you can have any kind of service you want in any location you want with absolute no restrictions what so ever in terms of music/readings/symbols/vows/blessings.

BUT in order for such a service to take place you have to conduct the legal bit yourself. In other words you and your partner and 2 witnesses go the the registry office on the morning of the wedding or maybe the day before have a 5 minute legal service, you sign the papers then later on that day or evening or maybe the next day you invite all your guest to whatever you want and you celebrate the wedding that you want. 

This is actually what happens in most European countries. The couple have a short legal service then move on to the place where the ceremony/celebration takes places.

Many people do not know you can do this – but you can have any kind of service you want

Ask yourself – what is it you want? What is the most important part of the day – the signing of the documents or the ceremony you created?


Renewal of Vows Ceremonies

Couples want to make this occasion something different from their wedding day. They choose to make new promises that express more appropriately their developed relationship. These couples are saying to each other:

“I love you differently to the way I loved you on our wedding day, but I want you to know that my commitment to you is just as strong and may even be stronger than it ever was, because of what we have shared together.”

Your Renewal of Marriage Vows ceremony can be formal or very relaxed, but its most important attribute is to express what the two of you want to say about your relationship now. It is a celebration of staying in love and staying married.
There is no legal paperwork. After meeting with your Bespoke Civil Ceremonies Celebrant, we compose a personalised that ceremony that reflects the path your lives have taken you upon. The ceremony also involves a choice of music, poetry and readings appropriate for the occasion. The ceremony is created from your past, present and future, renewing the vows you exchanged on your wedding day and pledges for the future.